A selected list of projects with which the principal, James R. Wheeler, has had significant geotechnical engineering related participation is found below.


  • Adriaen's Landing Utility Relocation, Hartford, CT - F.A. Hesketh
  • Grand & Bates Relief Sewer, St. Louis, MO - Affholder, Inc.
  • Tailrace Tunnel Remediation, Hudson Falls, NY - GeoTrans, Inc.
  • Northwest Side Interceptor Sewer, Milwaukee, WI - Brierley Associates, LLC.
  • Cambridge Research Park, Cambridge, MA - Lyme Properties, LLC.
  • Sanitary Sewer Alignment Remediation, Hartford, CT - Helical Drilling, Inc.
  • Rumford Towers, East Providence, RI - Guild Drilling Co., Inc.
  • Central Artery/Tunnel, Contr. C11A1, Boston, MA - Massachusetts State Highway Dept.
  • Whitehall Street Subway Ext., New York, NY - Hayward Baker Inc.
  • 63rd Street Subway Expansion, New York, NY - NY City Transit Authority
  • Granite Saw Foundation, Baltimore, MD - The Granite Works, Inc.
  • Providence Water Treatment Facility, Scituate, RI - CDM Engineers & Constructors
  • Barus & Holley Building Addition, Providence, RI - Brown University
  • Storage Tank Foundation, Baltimore, MD - ST Services, Inc.
  • Rancocas Creek Bridge, Riverside, NJ - Bechtel Corp.
  • Central Artery/Tunnel: AGC 01/02, Boston, MA - Massachusetts State Highway Dept.
  • Gallery at Harborplace, Baltimore, MD - The Rouse Company
  • Mercy Hospital Addition, Scranton, PA - Schnabel Foundation Company
  • State Transportation Building, Boston, MA - Goody, Clancy & Associates, Inc.
  • Spread Footings for Highway Bridges Field Study - Federal Highway Administration
  • Water Transmission Tunnel, Dorchester, MA - Metropolitan District Commission
  • Southwest Corridor Project, Boston, MA - Massachusetts Bay Transp. Auth.
  • Great Salt Lake Causeway, Salt Lake City, UT - Southern Pacific Railroad
  • Park River Conduit, Hartford, CT - Vicon Construction Co.
  • Red Line Ext. Harvard-Porter, Cambridge, MA - Massachusetts Bay Transp. Auth.
  • Industrial Lagoon Closure, Peabody, MA - Eastman-Kodak Company
  • FAST Railroad Test Facility, Pueblo, CO - Federal Highway Administration


Sewer Relief Tunnel Value Engineering Design and Construction, St. Louis, MO
Working directly with the tunnel construction contractor and specialty geotechnical construction contractors, completed design of two jet grout supported tunnel access shafts and a third outfall shaft to be supported with a soldier pile and lagging system as part of the construction of 6,400 ft. of 11-ft. finished diameter relief sewer tunnel. Developed and installed a vibrating wire strain gage instrumentation system to monitor compressive stresses imposed on each of the unreinforced jet grout supported shafts during soil excavation and subsequent blasting operations required to extend the shaft to invert level through limestone to depths in excess of 160 ft. Evaluate daily strain gage data in conjunction with ongoing construction activities data throughout construction to ensure the satisfactory performance of the shaft support walls.

A 4-ft thick mass of unreinforced jet grouted soil supports 36 ft. diameter tunnel access shaft through 65 ft. of overburden soils to the top of karst susceptible limestone bedrock. Jet grouting and post jetting pressure grouting limited groundwater flow into 160 ft. deep TBM access shaft.

Storm Drain Relocation, Waltham, MA
Providing field investigations and evaluations related to the realignment and extension of an existing storm drain through variable soil and bedrock conditions. Geotechnical evaluations include relative cost estimates for underground construction and recommendations for soil and rock excavation to be completed in a tight urban area.

MBTA Silver Line Phase III Tunnel Section, Boston, MA
Working as a specialty consultant and member of the project team selected to complete the design of bus transit tunnel from South Station to Boylston Street in Boston. Project involvement includes evaluation of anticipated ground conditions and corresponding behavior in response to construction in conjunction with alternative ground improvement techniques that may be required to control groundwater flow and limit construction related ground movements and associated impacts to adjacent structures.


Central Artery/Tunnel Project - Contract C11A1, Boston, MA.
Project Manager responsible for design coordination of all underground aspects of a 2,200 ft. long cut-and-cover highway tunnel, which passes beneath an active subway station. Ground improvement applications, integral to the design of the stacked drift tunnel underpinning system developed to support the subway, include soil reinforcement to control ground movements associated with tunneling and permeation (chemical) grouting to control groundwater and prestabilize up to 40 ft. of granular soil. A permeation grouting program was also developed and specified as a remedial measure to limit groundwater flow beneath the cut-and-cover slurry walls.

Grout manifold used to carefully inject sodium-silicate grout to stabilize granular glacial till deposits to permit tunneling and underpinning of an active subway station, Boston, MA.

Whitehall Street Subway Expansion, New York, NY.
Project Manager responsible for the design of a temporary 25 ft. high jet grout column excavation support wall, internal bracing and utility hanging system to permit the cut-and-cover extension of a subway station in downtown New York City in an area of densely spaced utilities. Angled jet grout holes provided a means to install the excavation support wall in and around the active utilities and to provide groundwater control during excavation. Jet grout columns were also designed to provide support to existing utilities adjacent to a smaller open cut excavation on the project.

Granite Saw Foundation, Baltimore, MD.
Geotechnical Engineer responsible for developing a soil mixed stabilized ground support system to support a 30 by 50-ft. granite cutting saw foundation in loose alluvial sand and silt deposits. Interconnected, 6-ft. diameter soil mix columns were designed to: limit consolidation related settlement by extending foundation loads to competent underlying strata, add mass to the proposed foundation system to reduce the impact of repeated dynamic vibration loading, and provide temporary excavation support and groundwater control to permit final foundation excavation and construction.

Rancocas Creek Light Rail Bridge, Riverside, NJ.
Design-Build engineering consultant responsible for the development of a ground stabilization alternative to provide support for approximately 400 ft. of MSE approach embankment constructed over soft fibrous peat deposits. A series of 150-ton capacity Vibro Concrete Columns (VCCs) were installed at a 7 to 9-ft. spacing, through the peat and into underlying alluvial deposits. Embankment loads were then transferred to the VCC network through a geogrid reinforced load transfer platform that was designed and constructed immediately above the ground reinforcing columns. Post-construction embankment settlement was limited to less then 1.5 in.

Vibro Concrete Columns (VCC) support light rail bridge approach embankment constructed over soft fibrous peat deposits, Riverside, NJ.

City of Providence Water Treatment Facility, Scituate, RI.
Design-Build engineering consultant responsible for development of a 25-ft. diameter by 15-ft. deep jet grout shaft constructed to provide access to a 12-ft. wide, 70 year old cast-in-place concrete water transmission conduit. Interconnected jet grout columns provided a 5-ft. thick ring of stabilized ground to support the shaft excavation and controlled groundwater flow through the fine sandy soils and into the open excavation. Groundwater flow was limited to less then 1 GPM without supplemental grouting to permit upgrade and repair work to be completed on the transmission line in the dry.

Interconnected jet grout columns form a temporary work shaft that controls groundwater inflow and "running sand" providing access to 90-in. diameter cast-in-place water transmission line, Scituate, RI.

Barus & Holley Building Addition, Providence, RI.
Geotechnical Consultant responsible for development of a hybrid grouting system to transfer new building loads above voids encountered immediately above approximately 100 ft. of an abandoned railroad tunnel. Low mobility compaction grouting was initially completed at over 60 locations above the tunnel alignment to fill voids without adding significant pressure to the tunnel lining. A series eight jet grout arches were then constructed immediately above the tunnel crown using interconnected jet grout columns. The arches were designed to transfer additional building loads to the competent bedrock adjacent to the tunnel structure. The hybrid grouting program saved several weeks of construction time and over $300,000 in alternative deep pile foundation system costs.

Storage Tank Foundation, Baltimore, MD.
Geotechnical engineer responsible for development of a value engineered foundation support alternative to provide a 4 ksf allowable bearing pressure beneath a 50 ft. diameter caustic fluid storage tank. A system of stone columns was designed for installation through 15 ft. of soft silt and clay, below the groundwater table to reduced consolidation settlements that were estimated to be in the range of 10 in. Post construction survey data indicated only 2 in of total settlement and no differential movements under service loading.

Stone columns stiffen soft, saturated alluvial silt deposits to limit settlement of a caustic fluid storage tank, Baltimore, MD.

Lucent Facility Building Addition, Sturbridge, MA.
Design-build consultant responsible for developing a drilled minipile support system for a building addition. Dealing with tight equipment access, the alternative minipile foundation support system was isolated from the existing building foundation loads and constructed so as to maintain the existing cast-in-place foundation wall thereby precluding the demolition of the wall and replacing the wall with a new CMU firewall structure.

Gallery at Harborplace, Baltimore, MD.
Geotechnical design and resident field engineer for construction of a four-level, 120,000 sq. ft. below-grade parking facility. Design phase responsibilities included development and implementation of subsurface exploration program, implementation of in-situ field tests, preparation of geotechnical design report and contract documents. During construction, responsibilities included review of foundation related submittals, QA/QC verification and full time coordination of all geotechnical aspects of below grade construction.

State Transportation Building, Boston, MA.
Resident geotechnical engineer during subsurface construction of a three-level, below-grade garage bearing on a mat foundation, constructed adjacent to historic and structurally-sensitive buildings, utilizing over 1,200 linear feet of concrete diaphragm walls, tiebacks, and internal bracing. Responsibilities included completion of subsurface explorations, design report, and preparation of contract documents and monthly instrumentation monitoring and interpretive reports.

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Study FHWA/RD-86/185:
Spread Footings of Highway Bridges, Northeastern United States. Project manager responsible for preparing performance study of 10 highway bridge foundations including the preparation of instrumentation-related contract plans and specifications, development and use of new instrumentation equipment to monitor subsurface settlement profiles and bridge abutment overturning, and development of a project data management system.

63rd Street Subway Expansion, New York, NY.
Project Engineer retained to evaluate construction related claim associated with the installation of jet grout columns to underpin an adjacent building during the expansion of the existing 63rd Street subway station. In addition to evaluating: available reports, contractor submittals, constructibility, and construction sequencing, an evaluation of in-situ jet grout wall permeability and anticipated construction related groundwater level drawdown was completed.

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